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So I made a follow forever to thank everyone who makes my dashboard so happy and cute and magical and making me smile everyday and also in celebration of me reaching 4k followers (WHICH IS INSANE SO THANK YOU) and this leads me to say that every person who follows me means the world to me, honestly, and just know that I see all of your adorable little comments/tags on my posts even though I may not always reply to them (sorry for that btw). And also I unfortunately haven’t had the pleasure of talking to most of you, but I know you’re all perfect as far as blogs go so I can only assume that you have kickass personalities as well. Alright, so even if you’re not on this list, thank you guys for putting up with my bad sense of humor and reblogging my shitty stuff and leaving me occasional cute anons (who I want to know don’t be scared talk to me off anon be my friend I will love you so hard I swear). So yeah, I haven’t even been around here for a year yet and you all have seriously changed my life for the better and I want to personally thank you for making my tumblr experience a particularly great one. Thank you for being there for me and please know that I will always be here for you.  (◡‿◡✿)


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Elsa’s ice castle + color by emotion

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Former Spieling Peter and Wendy meet new Peter & Wendy (x)

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take my hand  
             take my whole life too

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Whoah. Nice trench.

Whoah. Nice trench.

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